Twitter Space Recording:

On Thursday, September 22, we introduced the methodology we’ll use to create a new HNFT Landscape. Listen to the recording here >

The Concept:

The HNFT Fest aims to articulate and visualize the unseen connections, the stories behind a single blockchain transaction and the space, the people, the circumstances, the triggers, the fuses, the diligent ants and bees that created the innovations, platforms, and experiments that inspired a butterfly effect in the early builders of the community and the space.

This will be a learning process for everyone, since only by mapping out the co-existing dimensions and layers will we be able to understand where our influences came from and what/who we did influence, why we did something in a precise moment, and how things unveiled and what they led to.

Only by making those relations visible will we understand their cultural impact and how they guide innovation forward. This has never been done before: a distributed, if not decentralized, documentation effort that is both transparent and collaborative within a rigorous yet open-minded framework.

The research will result in the creation of:

In order to do this, we want to engage the community to participate. This is why we decided to collectively examine the NFTs’ history through public discussions. This is an opportunity to explore a  new way of writing history: open, distributed, making the invisible visible, thanks to the blockchain, the spirit of web3, through a transparent approach including the whole community via various ways of contributing.

The contributions will come from key members of the community with specific areas or time of perspective who will be invited to Twitter Spaces open, public discussions, along with opportunities for the whole community to contribute via a Google Form and comments via the Twitter Spaces.

Next steps: